The facts as well as personal experience. How my relationship to these plants came full circle from enemy to ally.
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Coca   –   Cacao  –  Coffee  –  Alcohol  –  Tobacco

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This article is a proposal that we re-assess our relationships and fundamental beliefs surrounding commonly used plants and the way we see the world, as we move forward into a new one. Whether we want to follow what we are told, or instead choose to wake up fresh and with full responsibility of our perspective towards life and our direct un-marketed relationship with this earth.

If I can sum up in one word the lesson of my life so far, it would be ‘alchemy’, alchemy of plants, minerals, the heart and ultimately the alchemy of perspective.

In this dualistic experience of reality even dualism is nothing but two perspectives of the same coin.

The most difficult times in my life have always been the best, or have given way to the best. These days I am aware that I can be in misery one moment and in bliss the next; rather than misery being the enemy, it is only a springboard from which bliss can be chosen. Everything is a mirror pointing back to the perceiver.

OK, now you might be thinking ‘what has this got to do with plants?’ Well, being somewhat obsessed with both inner and outer alchemy, I have come to observe that everything the modern human mind has created seems to be inside out from its natural state. Whether it be big pharma controlling medicine and healing, the peace force becoming the police force, organic food being more expensive than chemical food, the Earth our home coming second to personal gain and fame, digital money being more valuable than food or water, the school system actually destroying learning, seeking inner happiness through outer goals, seeking love through physical sex and self respect through approval, looking for God when he is the ‘creator of everything!’, etc. onto infinity… Consequently, with my herbal journey I have adopted the same un-learning principle. This has led me on a mission to reverse the misconceptions, misdirection and lies created by modern left-brain centred human beings upon some very famous yet sacred and powerfully healing plants.

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