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Coconut has risen up the health rankings in recent years, mainly for the benefits of the multi-purpose oil or its electrolyte-rich coconut water.
But what about the white flesh?

Blending with water turns the flesh into coconut milk, and grinding turns it into coconut cream… It can then be used to create a whole host of amazing recipes full of creamy flavour – from tropical dishes and traditional Thai curries, to wholesome raw vegan desserts and delectable drinks.

So what sets our take on this traditional food apart from the rest?…

Raw Ecstasy Coconut Butter

We use 100% raw organic coconut meat sourced sustainably in The Philippines. Stoneground with granite grinders, until 100% pure optimum creaminess.

By combining traditional and time-tested methods of preparation and only the best ingredients, our coconut butter is a leap above the rest. No harsh gritty textured fibres that come from lesser grinding methods, and a more balanced overall creaminess with minimal separation of oils.

Raw Ecstasy Coconut Butter adds pure nutrition into any meal, or blended drinks such as smoothies. It boasts a host of MCT oils and is an assimilable source of saturated fats… ready to be turned into Chi!


We received a question earlier this week asking why we don’t do peanuts…

The reason is that we only use tree nuts at present. Peanuts are actually a legume, closer to a chickpea than an almond.

Peanuts are grown underground and are very susceptible to contaminants and potential mycotoxins. Although the Activation process will remove the high phytic acid content of peanuts, legumes in general tend to be high in phyto oestrogens – which unless managed properly can have a severe impact on hormonal health. So, for now, we leave the peanuts aside and focus on what we do best – true nuts from trees!


Check out our extremely more-ish Raw Vegan Cheesecake recipe using Coconut Butter, cashews and raspberries. A simple recipe with lots of gourmet glamour!

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