Raw Ecstasy Newsletter | September 2020

Have an awesome autumn!

As the autumn harvest approaches, we thought it would be a great opportunity to re-introduce ourselves.

Raw Ecstasy was formed in 2004, with the clear intention to bring joy – or rather Ecstasy – to the health food movement. Fast forward almost two decades and this intention is more integrated than ever.

With an ever growing range, a slick new look and a team with utmost integrity, we’d like to share what it is we do, and why we do it…

The Raw Ecstasy way

At Raw Ecstasy we love to create and innovate. Going beyond the boundaries of what is conventional by sticking to ancient processes with the palettes of the present and future in mind.

We harness vitality and vibrancy into all that we do. Whether that’s in the patience of soaking, Activating and dehydrating; in gently stone-grinding until sensual smoothness is met; or in the dazzling panning process of chocolate or maple coating until the nuts sparkle with life enhancing chi.

Why Activate?

At the root of Raw Ecstasy is our process of Activation – an ancient food preparation method whereby nuts or seeds are soaked to open to their true potential nutrition. Squirrels are some of our biggest inspirations for this reason!

Activating germinates the nut or seed, thus neutralising their protective mechanisms of acidic compounds such as phytic acids, tannins and goitregens. This allows us to absorb the abundant nutrition and prevents our body being put under unnecessary stress from unprepared food. This stress is commonly mistaken for food allergies, when in many cases our customers find this is down to ill prepared nuts and seeds.

See for yourself!

If you haven’t experienced what a difference Activation makes, now’s the perfect time! We’re offering 5% off our bulk buy nuts (5kg bags) until midnight on Sunday 20th September. No code necessary – your discount will be automatically applied at checkout!

Schools are back!

And we want our kids to be topped up with the healthiest food through these stirring times. Almond butter and jam sandwiches, anyone?

The Raw Ecstasy Team x

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