Raw Ecstasy Newsletter | November 2020




Our extremely prized Raw Activated Vegan Christmas Puddings are back!

Available to order and now with even more ‘Not Brandy Butter!

The good old-fashioned British pudding seems to have gone out of style, except for this festive favourite. With all the traditional flavours and textures, we prove pudding can be nutritious and delicious. Made with easy to digest, activated nuts and organic wholesome dried fruit, you’ll fall in love with this Christmas treat. Each pudding serves two – a perfect treat to share with family or friends and makes a great present.
Click on the image above to follow the path towards total decadence!


Have you tried our limited edition Pumpkin Seed Butter?

Packed full of minerals with beautifying and hormone balancing properties, this activated jar of goodness is a great way to support you through the seasonal changes. This magic pumpkin pot is an assured way for your body to absorb some zinc and magnesium and is available exclusively through our website.

Become a Raw Chocolatier!

Comprising Raw Cacao Butter, liquor, powder and coconut sugar, our Raw Chocolate Making Kits are a low glycemic organic chocolate treat for everyone! They come with our exclusive Raw Chocolate ratios recipe and several flavour ideas, plus Raw chocolate tempering instructions for the more adventurous!

The Raw Ecstasy Team x

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