Raw Ecstasy and JuiceTonic have come together aiming to re-awaken your senses to the forgotten power and magical history of our herbal heritage and destiny.

A mocktail is a non-alcoholic delicious drink that makes you feel good. At Raw Ecstasy we think this is a great way to enjoy medicinal herbs, particularly as they actually change the way that you feel.
Here in this intimate, fun party atmosphere surrounded by like minded people, learn about herbalism and healthy living from our expert speakers. As you are served each drink, one of our speakers gives a talk about the ingredients and their properties. Making for an educational experience with each sip!

Included in the £20 ticket price is an abundance of gourmet mocktails and shots made from cold-pressed juice, superherb tea and powerful herbal extracts, raw superfood crisps, activated nuts and snacks. There will be additional raw food and juice available to purchase on the night.


Herb Alchemy_Juice Tonic 2015_Aoise Tutty-22Dec 17th -The Rediscovery of Misunderstood POWER PLANTS

  • Learn about, taste and rediscover some of the most exciting and healing plants on earth.
    Many of these plants such as coffee, cacao, tobacco, hemp and coca have been misused, abused, processed and repackaged at a great loss for humanity and our connection to our mother earth. While others grow in our back yard and have been misunderstood or completely ignored such as nettle seed, pine pollen, medicinal mushrooms, hawthorn, plantain, comfrey etc…
  • What if the most powerful superfoods on earth have been misrepresented, marketed for profit and given a bad name? What if in fact, it was the way we use them that was at fault not the plants themselves?
  • From tabacco to nettle, cacao to coffee and even coca leaf, discover how these powerful misunderstood plants can be used properly for health, happiness and longevity.
  • Throughout the evening you will enjoy these plants as part of elixirs made from organic cold pressed juice, teas and super herbs.
  • Inspiring talks by passionate individuals on these healing plant spirits, their properties and their magic
  • Special alchemical extracts available exclusively at the event
  • check out an article by Prem Hobden on these sacred plants:


Feb 18th –

 Hormone Healing Herbs

  • The majority of our bodily functions happen thanks to our hormones.
  • One of the single most important factors in the health of modern humans.
  • Learn about how the enviroment and our daily routines affect hormones.
  • Experience some of the best quality and most powerful hormone boosting and balancing plants
  • Leave feeling rejuvenated by hormonal tonics and empowered by knowledge on how to regulate your hormones naturally through herbs and timing
  • Special alchemical extracts available exclusively at the event



Photos by Aoise Tutty –


The drinks menu will be showcasing the new Herb Alchemy product range developed by Prem Hobden of Raw Ecstasy, using principles of alchemy, astrology, raw and solar nutrition, herbalism, druidry and magic to create this range of tinctures, teas, balms and herbal honeys.

Our expert hosts and exclusive guest speakers will be giving talks and there will be the opportunity to personally discuss alternative health and medicinal herbs directly with them. Special discounts will be available across the entire range and several products that will only be available at the event! As well as Raw Ecstasy products and Juice Tonic juice cleanses and superfoods.

Time: the events usually run from 6pm – 11pm (check Event Brite for details)
Location: Juice Tonic, 3 Winnett Street, London, W1D 6JY
Ticket Investment:  £20

Who are our expert hosts?

Prem foraging for wild asparagus root and he found it!

Prem Hobden has over 10 years experience as a raw food chef, educator and more recently co-founded Raw Ecstasy, a leading raw food company in the UK. Over the last few years his healing journey has led him to discover the wonderland of tonic herbal plants growing wild at our doorstep in the UK. Now he has launched Herb Alchemy, a new brand dedicated to offering unparalleled wild, local, plant-based products. Prem has applied his intuition and knowledge of alchemy, astrology, raw and solar nutrition, herbalism, druidry and magic to bring you some truly special creations in the form of tinctures, teas, balms & herbal honeys.


Marco, founder of JuiceTonic, has in-depth knowledge of natural health, juicing, superfoods and tinctures, and shares this freely with an infectious passion. Previously working in LA’s iconic herbal tonic bar Erewhon. His open heart and relentless pursuit of cutting edge healing has made JuiceTonic the meeting place for like-minded individuals in London.





charlotCharlot Conway, the driving force behind Raw Ecstasy, was passionate about food and health from anearly age. At the age of 18 she radically changed her diet and co-founded Raw Ecstasy, a successful raw food brand, manufacturing and supplying to over 200 shops across the UK.She recently won the Jack Wills Young Brit awards and is proving to be an inspiring entrepreneurial force in the UK Raw Organic Movement.




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