We believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s the way you are going to start your day and the nutrition you take in will affect your metabolism for the rest of the day and can affect your hormonal action.
Improving diet through breakfast is a great step towards overall health. And, with the excellent array of breakfast foods such as seasonal fresh fruit, activated nuts and raw chocolate,  it will taste so good that once you start you never want to go back to not appreciating your morning meal.

Funnily enough they’ re right in those TV adverts about children’s cereal (that is actually packed full of sugar and fortified vitamins) when they talk about slow release energy and fibre;  but there is a truly healthy way to gain those benefits.
High protein foods like activated nuts, and almonds in particular, keep you fuller for longer and stimulate the pancreas and metabolism. For fibre we recommend raw fruit; the vitamins will make you feel energised and the enzymes also assist digestion.

Food combining, or synergy, has some great combinations for breakfast time. We recommend a fresh kiwi for Vitamin C eaten with an iron rich prune. Having Vitamin C at the same time as iron ensures you fully absorb it.
The combination of raw cacao and weak organic coffee can have a very balancing effect on hormones and has been nicknamed a ‘Cobalamin Tonic’.

On our social media, our customers have shown how they like to eat Raw Ecstasy for breakfast, generating a whole load of serving suggestions and we have some of our own…

Suggestion 1:  Raw bread (or you could use sourdough toast ;)) topped with coconut yogurt, bee pollen, cacao nibs and our  raw chocolate spread


Suggestion 2: Cacao porridge topped with kiwi, peach, banana, activated almonds, buckwheaties and raw chocolate spread


Suggestion 3: Creamy porridge cooked with flaxseed and oatmilk. Topped with coconut oil fried pear, activated walnuts, activated pumpkin seeds, cacao nibs and raw chocolate spread.


Suggestion 4: Protein waffles topped with raw chocolate spread and fruit salad made from pears, apples, grapes and grapefruit.
Suggestion 5: Granola with added activated pecans and pumpkin seeds. Topped with a glorious dollop of coconut yogurt and  raw chocolate spread.


Suggestion 6: Or a quick and easy recipe option here, sliced banana generously drizzled with activated almond butter and raw chocolate spread




(Photocredits: 1 & 5 Lifeboxfoodco, 2  Fresheather, 3 Sophiesblend, 4 GreeninLondon)