Why Activated ?

Activated nuts are effectively fermented, germinated or sprouted nuts. In nature nuts experience being soaked in rainwater which triggers their germination process. The dormant nuts awakens with enough power to create a whole tree!

Nature’s defence mechanism for nuts and grains includes nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances (found for example as the bitter aftertaste of walnuts) that can be naturally removed by soaking.
These toxic substances include enzyme inhibitors, phytates (phytic acid), polyphenols (tannins) and goitrogens. Soaking nuts in warm water will neutralize these enzyme inhibitors and also encourage the production of beneficial enzymes. In turn these enzymes can increase vitamins, especially B vitamins.

Inspired by nature and the ancient Aztec practice of soaking nuts in seawater, we long-soak nuts in a natural solution. Then we slowly dehydrate the nuts at below 47 °censuring gentle preservation of the nutrients and a crunchy texture. Activated nuts are remarkably less bitter, taste sweeter, deliciously more-ish and feel lighter in your digestive system.


Examples of nut Activation in nature

Just like us squirrels need to contend with noxious tannins in the form of acorns. Native American people figured out ways to remove tannins from acorns. Acorns helped them to survive through long winters just as squirrels. Many animals can tolerate tannins better than humans can, but these animals also have ways to reduce the tannins. Squirrels bury about 60% of the acorns they collect from black and red oaks. Months of rain and snow then wash away the tannins. Using their incredible memory maps, squirrels return later to collect their “prepared” acorns. Both squirrel and oak benefit from this cycle, on average squirrels leave up to 75% of their acorns behind, these grow into the great oak forests of today 🙂

Here is my favourite and very special recipe using activated nuts,
as a raw vegan dessert chef for over 13 years, ive learnt the importance of sprouting ones nuts 🙂

Cara-malt rooibos cake – by Prem Hobden, founder of Raw Ecstasy

Here you have it, my signature cake recipe, maybe the best ever!
So simple yet so moreish, we call it the Maltiverse… Made using our Raw Ecstasy Activated Almonds and stoneground activated almond butter available from our WEBSHOP

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